The DeSo NoCode Institute Powers Sales of Products, Services and NFTs for Fiat Currencies

BY Amiel Diez  |  March 7, 2022

In order to achieve mass adoption, blockchain solutions have to be easy-to-use. It needs to be easy to sign up and get started, and it needs to be easy to make purchases. That's why the DeSo NoCode Institute has built-in functionality that powers sales in both $DeSo and fiat.

Let’s face it. Crypto is baffling to most people. Cryptocurrencies are hard to understand because they're different from the traditional currencies that we use every day. With cryptocurrencies, there is no central authority controlling the currency. This means that the value of cryptocurrencies can be much more volatile than traditional currencies.

One of the main reasons why people find it difficult to understand cryptocurrencies is because they're not taught about the intrinsic value (or lack thereof) of money. Most people are taught that money is valuable because it's backed by governments. However, this isn't actually the case. Money is valuable because we all believe that it is. If everyone stopped using money, it would become practically worthless.

Nobody wants to learn about algorithms, encryption keys, wallets or distributed systems. It's all too confusing and difficult. We just want to use the technology without having to worry about all of that stuff.

Luckily, the DeSo NoCode Institute has now made it easy for users to make purchases with both $DeSo and fiat. Our technology allows application developers to sell their products, services and NFTs in a way that is easy-to-use for mainstream non-crypto users. This is a major benefit and it will help to achieve mass adoption of DeSo blockchain technology.

Above all else we value the importance of the user experience. Like this NFT? Hit the "buy now" button and pay with either $DeSo or with your credit card. Want to leave a comment? Just hit the comment button. Want to see your NFTs? Just go to your profile page and there they are.

Why is this so important?

Think about all the hoops a user has to jump through in order to purchase an NFT on the OpenSea platform (the world's leading NFT marketplace):

  1. Get a compatible wallet (requires installing a browser plugin like metamask)
  2. Open an account on an exchange (for example, Coinbase)
  3. Purchase some ETH on the exchange (usually requires connecting a bank account or a credit card)
  4. Send your ETH to your wallet
  5. Convert ETH to WETH using shapeshifter
  6. Open an account on OpenSea
  7. Connect your wallet to your new OpenSea account (requires signing 2 or 3 transactions which incurre gas fees)
  8. Add your email address to your account and confirm through double opt-in.
  9. Finally, Make a winning bid on an auction

This is an insurmountable number of obstacles for most mainstream users. It's just too confusing.

In the future we'll also be offering the option to pay with both BTC and ETH. This will only expand the ease-of-use and market value of applications built with our no-code templates and plugins.

The DeSo NoCode Institute's technology has made it easy to buy and sell products, services and NFTs in a way that is fast, user-friendly and affordable.

By making blockchain adoption easier than ever before, we're helping to make DeSo the most important protocol of all time. Join us!

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