Discover the 10 Awesome New Features of geekNFTs

BY Tony Lewis  |  April 11, 2022

Today, the whole team at the DeSo NoCode Institute is proud to be able to present a brand new NFT experience designed to break down the barriers that are holding back mainstream adoption. We believe that the future of the entire blockchain industry depends on its ability to go beyond a tiny, closed circle of hardcore crypto nerds by opening the door to communities of all stripes all over the world.

With this mission in mind, we are presenting 10 awesome new features that come together to provide a truly unique new experience for users of all sophistication levels.

Purchase NFTs with fiat

The whole purpose of purchasing a collectible item (digital or physical) is to enjoy the sensation of owning something special related to a theme or community you are connected with. Baseball cards are for baseball enthusiasts. Judy Garland’s red slippers are for classic film buffs, and pokemon cards are for... Well, you get it.

The important element is that the collectible speaks to your interests and emotions.

What isn’t important is the mechanics of how you handle the transaction. Why should NFT owners be limited by their understanding of cryptocurrencies and digital wallets?

They shouldn’t!

That’s why we’ve made purchasing an NFT on geekNFTs exactly the same as making any other online purchase. Just add the item to your shopping cart and enter your payment details at checkout.

You can pay with $USD or $DeSo - whichever you prefer!

We know that this makes geekNFTs the simplest, fastest way for inexperienced users to get into the game and enjoy the sensation of owning their first NFT.

Subscribe to NFT collections

Are you a dog lover? Then surely you’d love to purchase the entire collection of Dog NFTs that we’ve just launched.

However, you shouldn’t have to remember to check in every few weeks to see if there’s a new installment available. After all, one bout of carelessness might mean missing out on the very best NFT!

That’s why geekNFTs allows users to subscribe to a collection and receive a new installment every month. Not only, do they not need to be constantly checking in, but they’ll also always receive exactly the same serial number each time.

This means that if you subscribe to the gold-tier Dogs collection and are assigned serial number 5, then every time a new dog NFT is released you’ll automatically receive the number 5 gold edition in your DeSo wallet.

Subscriptions are currently only available in $USD payments via credit card, although in the future we will also be offering the ability to pay with $DeSo when the new, more powerful derived keys functionality has been released.

Tiered Collections - Premier, Gold & Silver Editions

One of our goals was to make the entire geekNFT experience as accessible and fun as possible for all levels of interested buyers.

For that reason, each of our collections of amazing, original digital art is presented in three distinct tiers or editions: Premier, Gold and Silver.

Premier collectibles are for the most sophisticated collectors. There is only 1 premier NFT available for each installment of the collection. Premier editions are only sold at auction with a minimum starting bid of $500.

Gold collectibles are the elite level for each collection with only 10 unique tokens created of each installment. Gold edition NFTs start at $99 each and there are exactly 4 tokens reserved for subscribers. Once these subscriptions are sold, the only way to get the entire collection is by making individual purchases every month.

Silver collectibles represent the main body of our collections. We only release 90 unique silver edition tokens for each installment, meaning that the total supply is still very limited. Silver NFTs cost $15 each and there are a total of 40 tokens reserved for subscribers.

Pay with Nerdz DAO coin

We are proud to announce that geekNFTs is the very first DeSo-powered NFT marketplace with its own special coin called Nerdz.

Each Nerdz coin is worth exactly $1 USD and can be applied to the purchase of any item on our site. When users who own Nerdz go to their shopping cart, they will see a checkbox that allows them to apply their DAO coins to their purchase. Once clicked, they can decide how many Nerdz they want to use and the total will be subtracted from the total price of their cart.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be announcing lots of fun ways to earn Nerdz coins by helping promote geekNFTs in both the DeSo community and beyond.

Advanced discoverability

One of the most important factors holding back many interested new users is the difficulty of finding the digital assets that they’re interested in. Most NFT marketplaces make it hard for people to find the ones that they are most interested in. geekNFTs makes discoverability simple for everyone.

We organize our collections by genres and sub-genres. Initially these include history, vehicles and nature collections. We allow users to filter by tiers (premier, gold & silver) as well as by item type (for sale, auctions, subscriptions, gift cards...)

Together, we believe that these options make it super simple for users to find and purchase the NFTs of their dreams.

Super-simple user onboarding

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, signing in and creating your geekNFTs account is super simple. First, you enter your email address, and we send you a one-time-password by email. Next, you enter this OTP in the signin box and you’re all signed up!

If you are a new user and don’t already have a DeSo wallet, creating a new one just takes a couple of additional clicks using the standard DeSo identity functions. If you already have a DeSo wallet, you can just login like you would on any other node.

The whole process takes less than 2 minutes, and you can find out more about our easy onboarding experience here.

Multi-currency auctions

Some of the NFTs available on geekNFTs are offered through an online auction process.

Since our goal from the very beginning was to enable users of all stripes and levels of technological prowess to participate on an equal footing, we have developed what we believe to the first fiat/crypto multi-currency auction solution available anywhere.

All of our auctions simultaneously support both $USD and $DeSo. Bids can be made in either currency and are ranked in order by value at the current exchange rate (with USD being the deciding marker of value). When the auction concludes, the highest bidder is charged and the winner receives their NFT.

Another interesting feature of our auctions is the ability to automatically close the auction by paying the “buy-now” price. Careful though - as the bids come in the buy-now price adjusts itself upward!


We wanted to make gifting an NFT to a friend or family member super simple because we believe that this is an excellent way to drive viral engagement and expand beyond our current audience.

To send an NFT as a gift, all you have to do is mark the gift checkbox in your shopping cart and then enter the recipient’s email address in the special field. They’ll get a classy email letting them know that you sent them a gift and guiding them through the process of creating their wallet and claiming their gift. You can also leave a personalized message that gets sent along with the gift!

See here for a more detailed walkthrough of our gift-by-email experience.

Social topic pages

At geekNFTs we are all about community. In fact, our mission is to expand the metaverse by attracting passionate tribes around highly targeted NFT collections. That’s why we’re so obsessed with making the entire experience fast, simple, and efficient.

However, we also know that community only grows where conversations thrive.

That’s what our social topic pages are all about. These pages include social feeds centered around a specific topic or theme.

Interested in dinosaurs? Go to our dinosaurs collection page and join the fun! Prefer classic cars? Go to our Muscle Cars Collection page and join the conversation.

Learn more about our social topic pages here.

Private Content Vaults

When you purchase a geekNFTs NFT you are not only joining an elite group of very special NFT owners. You also get access to a special vault that houses the high resolution images for your purchase as well as any other bonus materials that may be available.

Our content vaults can store images, audios, videos, PDFs and much more.

Over time, we’ll also be adding in special perks to these vaults as a way of thanking our early supporters. Go here to learn more about our private content vaults.


All of the features presented today with geekNFTs are designed to showcase the functionalities that the DeSo NoCode Institute is developing for use in all of our internal and customer applications. They leverage the power of the DeSo blockchain by combining it with the awesome application development process provided by the no-code platform.

Projects interested in using our technology to solve real world problems should submit an application brief here.

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