geekNFTs Presents NFT Marketplace That Requires No Crypto Experience

BY Dennis Lewis  |  April 11, 2022

The DeSo NoCode Institute has just announced the launch of its innovative new social NFT marketplace geekNFTs especially designed for users with little or no cryptocurrency experience. The site allows collectors to purchase premium NFTs directly with U.S. dollars using their credit cards. In addition to its cutting edge social functionalities, geekNFTs incorporates exciting new features like subscriptions and gifting NFTs by email.

Ahead of the launch, the DeSo NoCode Institute is making public four as yet unreleased facts about geekNFTs, its new social NFT marketplace, which is set to go live Monday, April 11th.

The four items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating geekNFTs came about after realizing that almost all NFT marketplaces are impossibly complicated for users from outside the hardcore cryptocurrency/blockchain communities. This inspired the team at the DeSo NoCode Institute to create an NFT marketplace that accepts both crypto and fiat (USD) and that is as easy to use as any other online traditional e-commerce site.

geekNFTs has been in development for four months and had a team of six working on it, which is considered small by industry standards. This goes to show the power of integrating no-code technology by with the powerful DeSo social blockchain platform.

The NFT marketplace almost didn't see the light of day, when the first two attempts to create a simple, easy-to-follow user onboarding experience fell flat. The problem was overcome by by incorporating an innovative new passwordless signup process together with a super-simple digital wallet creation guide whereby new users can be up and running on the platform in under two minutes.

DeSo NoCode Institute has done something different compared to other businesses in the Blockchain Development space, by creating a hybrid on-chain/off-chain NFT marketplace that focuses entirely on making it super simple for enthusiastic communities to experience the pleasure of owning premium NFTs regardless of their level of cryptocurrency understanding or experience.

geekNFTs will be released as part of DeSo NoCode Institute's greater plans to revolutionize the process of implementing cutting edge blockchain applications that solve real world problems for real people. It's hoped this goal will be fully achieved by the end of this year.

The DeSo NoCode Institute got its start when Founder Dennis H. Lewis noticed a growing need for an easier way for aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs to make their unique vision of the future come to fruition. With over 7 years prior experience in the blockchain development world, Dennis H. Lewis decided to go ahead and start this new project in 2021.

Dennis H. Lewis is quoted saying: "We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like being available on the DeSo social network, and releasing these little factoids ahead of the geekNFTs launch are what make a difference."

geekNFTs is set to launch Monday, April 11th. To find out more, visit For a complete list of its innovative new features, interested parties can read, Discover the 10 Awesome New Features of geekNFTs.

For more facts and further information about the DeSo NoCode Institute, users can visit

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